Help Wanted: Table Staffers

Title: Table Staffers

Type of request: Volunteer service

Description: To raise awareness and climate change and let people know how they can make a difference on this issue, we often have a table at local festivals, farmers’ markets, and other events, where people can come talk to us, sign up for our newsletter, and take action by signing postcards or petitions.  In order to do more of this, we need more volunteers to staff these tables.  If you enjoy starting conversations with strangers and can remain respectful and pleasant even when they disagree with you, you would be a perfect fit for this job!  It would require approximately 2 hours of your time per month (or more if you want).  7/18 update: We now have a Tabling Coordinator, who can help with planning and logistics, so YOU just need to show up and show your passion!

Requesting organization: RPCC

Contact information: