How do I join RPCC?

Simply complete the survey online here:

Can I join RPCC as an individual?

RPCC supporting membership is for organizations (grassroots, nonprofits, businesses, unions, faith groups, etc) only.  Individuals may sign up for our mailing list here.

Is there a cost to join?

Supporting membership is free!  Donations are welcome!

What is expected of Coalition supporting organizations?

Supporting members should provide the name of 1-2 contact people who will be the liaison with RPCC.  Each organization decides their level of participation.  Some groups choose to be actively involved, including attending all Open Meetings, providing volunteers for events, and helping to steer the direction of the Coalition.  Others sign-on simply as a of show support for climate action.

At minimum, we hope all members will wear their RPCC membership with pride!

How do Coalition supporting members communicate?

RPCC holds Open Meetings for all supporting organizations every two to three months.  Information is shared from the leadership team through occasional emails to Coalition supporters (we promise not to spam you!), along with newsletters to the general public.

Supporting organizations can keep in contact with each other through the closed RPCC Members Facebook group.  We actively encourage collaboration between our supporting organizations. Our efforts are amplified when we work together toward a common goal.

 Membership levels:

  • Leadership Team: Forefront of climate change activity in our area.  Commit to 2-3 meetings per month. Help plan and implement RPCC initiatives.
  • Partner Organization: Attend open meetings (every 2-3 months). Contribute to concrete planning and implementation.  Attend events, and turn out staff/members.
  • Supporting Organization: Participate in RPCC initiatives.  Attend events and turn out staff/members when possible.
  • Affiliated Organization: Supportive of climate change activity in our area.